Top 5 Sleds for resistance training: Home Gym Must haves

Our Top 5 List

1. Kipika Weight Sled

2. ANYTHING SPORTS weight sled 

3.Stecoeico Weight Sled

4. Kipika miniature sled

5. Yes4All Weighted Sled

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Why Consider The Sled?

If you’ve visited a commercial gym, you’ve likely seen the section dedicated to miscellaneous plyometric exercise equipment.


This area often includes various items like box jumps, pull-up bars, medicine balls, and more. While these pieces of equipment might not be as universally utilized as barbells or dumbbells, they serve specific purposes.


One commonly found piece is the sled.


Individuals primarily focused on gaining muscle or strength might not frequently use the sled. However, this equipment holds significant value for many based on their fitness objectives.


For instance, consider plyometrics—a technique not primarily aimed at muscle or strength gains but at refining muscles and cultivating a well-rounded physique.


Plyometrics plays a crucial role in cardiovascular fitness, muscle toning, and building practical strength.


As mentioned earlier, examples include jumping onto a box, carrying heavy weights across a space, performing push-ups, or engaging in short sprints—each serving diverse purposes for different individuals.


What sets the sled apart among these exercises and equipment is its simplicity. Many workout enthusiasts prefer to streamline their routines, making the sled one of the simplest exercise tools available. Essentially, it involves either pushing or pulling a load.


You can push it to work on leg strength or pull it to target your hamstrings. Either way, this equipment is versatile and adaptable to help you achieve your fitness goals.

The Usefulness of the Sled in Knee Health and Recovery 

The sled is often utilized by medical professionals and personal trainers to aid individuals with prior knee or other injuries. Its value lies in the minimal stress it places on the knees during pushing or pulling movements.


Many well-known fitness professionals advocate walking backward while attached to the sled via a waist strap as a beneficial exercise. This backward sled walk primarily targets the quads—the muscles primarily engaged during knee flexion—without excessively loading or stressing the joints and ligaments.


By reducing stress on the joints while strengthening the quads, hips, and lower body, this exercise aids in the rehabilitation process and helps regain strength post-injury.


The sled proves excellent not only for building strength, endurance, and athleticism but also for assisting individuals dealing with knee pain. It allows them to work through their discomfort without subjecting themselves to excessive strain.

Growing Popularity of Home Gyms 

Certainly, in this modern age, we’ve witnessed a significant surge in the popularity of home gyms. 


Undoubtedly, this surge can be attributed to COVID-19, prompting people to seek ways to work out without leaving their homes.


With the rise in home gym popularity, many individuals are searching for the best machines that offer value for money, efficiency, and effectiveness in exercises.


Personally, and as advocated by many others, I stand by the cable machine. As mentioned earlier, its exceptional versatility allows for consistent tension throughout the entire movement.

1. Kipika Weight Sled

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Price Point: $179.99

Let’s kick off this list with the Kipika Weight Sled. This sled holds a strong presence on Amazon and for good reason. Constructed from sturdy aluminum and steel, it offers not just the sled but also additional attachments for a comprehensive workout experience.


This purchase includes the sled vest, a sled tether, and a weight clip, ensuring your weights stay secure while pushing the sled.


Aside from its durability, this sled receives high recommendations and boasts numerous positive reviews. Moreover, it’s adjustable in height, catering well to various users, including the elderly or younger individuals who may struggle with bending over to push the sled or, conversely, for toddlers who need a lower setup.


While it might not be the largest or hold the maximum weight capacity, its durability makes it a versatile choice for most individuals aiming to train for strength, endurance, or knee health.


Considering this as an option does involve contemplating its price, which tends to be a significant factor in purchase decisions. Priced at $179.99, this sled stands as one of the more expensive options on this list. However, if you envision it becoming a consistent part of your workout routine, the investment might prove worthwhile.


For those uncertain about committing to a sled, exploring a cheaper option, albeit with potentially inferior quality, could serve as a temporary solution until deciding on a more permanent choice.

2. ANYTHING SPORTS Weighted Sled

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Price Point: $399.99

Let’s delve into the premium offering on this list: the ANYTHING SPORTS Weight Sled.


Distinguished from the others not just by its premium price tag but by its exceptional quality, this sled stands out.


Unlike the rest, it offers more space for weights and is designed with wheels, enhancing its adaptability across various terrains.


These wheels also offer adjustable resistance, providing flexibility to suit different workout needs. You can alter both the weights atop the sled and the resistance applied to the wheels while pushing.


Similar to the others, this option boasts a robust steel and aluminum frame. However, it’s important to note that it doesn’t come with additional training components like a sled vest or tether, despite its premium price.


Another crucial factor to consider is the cost of weights required for sled usage, which needs to be factored into the overall purchase.


For those seeking a top-quality sled for their workout needs, this could be a viable choice. However, if the high price doesn’t align with your preferences, exploring other options from this list might be more suitable.

3. Stecoeico Weight Sled

Click on the image to the left to see our number one pick of the product on amazon!

Price Point: $179.99

Are you in search of an industrial-grade sled? Perhaps one that can withstand heavy usage and still hold up exceptionally well?


If so, the sled by Stecoeico might be the ideal fit for your needs. This sled stands out for its remarkable durability, constructed from solid steel and aluminum, but with an extra-tough build designed for intense and demanding workouts.


Capable of enduring significant weight, this sled matches your exercise intensity stride for stride. Additionally, it comes with various attachments, including a tether and hand-holding handles, ensuring versatility for different workout routines.


However, an essential factor to consider before purchasing is, naturally, the price. Currently priced at $179.99 on Amazon, it falls within a premium range, akin to the first option on this list.


While it offers a premium quality at a relatively lower price compared to some alternatives, there might still be other more budget-friendly options available that suit your workout needs if you’re not entirely committed to investing in a sled for your regular workouts.

4. Kipika miniature sled

Click on the image to the left to see our number one pick of the product on amazon!

Price Point: $79.99

Presenting Kipika once again, now with a smaller but more accessible competitor on this list.


This product is tailored for individuals seeking a starting point with sled training without committing to a product that’s substantially pricier. If that resonates with you, this sled could be an optimal choice. It might not boast the size, sturdiness, or top-tier quality of its counterparts, but it’s sufficiently robust to accommodate multiple weight plates and cater to individual pushing and pulling.


However, it’s essential to note that this sled leans more towards being a device to pull with your body than a traditional sled. Given its shorter structure, pushing with your hands might be less practical.


To offset this limitation, the sled comes equipped with a tether and a body harness, enabling you to engage in sled workouts using your body rather than relying heavily on your hands.


For those new to sled training or seeking a cost-effective yet functional option, this sled could serve as an excellent entry point.

5. Yes4All Sled

Click on the image to the left to see our number one pick of the product on amazon!

Price Point: $56.47

Alright, so you might be wondering, “How different can this sled really be after going through four others?” Valid question, given that you’re just pushing or pulling weights—how much variance could there be?


Well, truth be told, it’s not drastically different. However, this sled comes from a different company and might align better with your preferences than any other option on this list. So, let’s dive in.


What sets this sled apart is its higher bar, allowing for more weight stacking, and its sturdy construction of steel and aluminum, promising durability over time.


Now, as with any product, consider its price. This sled is priced significantly lower than the other options on this list. While it might use slightly less expensive materials, proper care and usage ensure you’ll get your money’s worth.


Yet, don’t expect premium quality considering it’s priced a third of the most expensive option here. Nevertheless, Yes4All is a reputable brand, often delivering reliable products. Choosing this brand won’t likely lead to wasted money, though it might not be the absolute best option for everyone based on individual needs.


Another thing to note is that the handles aren’t elevated, which might affect your comfort level while pushing or pulling the sled

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