Our Top 5 Best Cable Machine Attachments: Home gym must-haves for full-body workouts

Our Top Five List

1. The single-hand grip
2. Wide-Grip bar
3. Tricep Rope
4. Narrow Grip Row
5. Easy curl bar


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Why the cable Machine is the single best piece of equipment

There’s a reason the cable machine is found in gyms across the nation and the world. This piece of machinery is incredibly popular among everyday gym-goers, beginners, and advanced athletes alike.


Many exercises aim to be general or specific to the muscle group you’re training. This often results in exercises failing to target the muscle properly while attempting to engage multiple muscles. However, this isn’t the case with the cable machine.


When someone has access to just one piece of equipment in the gym, especially with the necessary attachments, choosing the cable machine is a no-brainer.


The cable machine’s superiority lies in its incredible versatility in training and its ability to target multiple muscles. Most cable machines offer adjustable settings, allowing training in upper or lower planes, catering to different muscle groups. This versatility sets it apart from stagnant and less adaptable machines.


Additionally, using a cable machine allows for constant tension on the muscle throughout the entire movement. Unlike free weights where the movement gets easier as you progress upward, the cable maintains consistent tension or even increases it in an elastic manner.


For these reasons, the cable machine stands out for its versatility, ease of use, and exceptional ability to sustain intensity throughout the entire movement.

Growing popularity of Home Gyms 

Certainly, in this modern age, we’ve witnessed a significant surge in the popularity of home gyms. 


Undoubtedly, this surge can be attributed to COVID-19, prompting people to seek ways to work out without leaving their homes.


With the rise in home gym popularity, many individuals are searching for the best machines that offer value for money, efficiency, and effectiveness in exercises.


Personally, and as advocated by many others, I stand by the cable machine. As mentioned earlier, its exceptional versatility allows for consistent tension throughout the entire movement.

What this list is for 

The purpose of this list is quite straightforward. It’s essential for individuals seeking to equip their home gyms with the best possible equipment in a growing market. As more people look for top-notch attachments and accessories to complement these machines, the quest intensifies.


As previously mentioned, I strongly advocate for the inclusion of a cable machine in any home gym, let alone a commercial one. If you’re aiming to efficiently target numerous muscle groups throughout your entire body, the cable machine is your go-to.


However, amidst this array of options, questions arise about how to effectively use a cable machine with its multitude of angles and training possibilities.


This is where this list becomes valuable. Considering the numerous muscle groups that can be trained using the cable machine, the focus shifts to the attachments needed for effective utilization.


The machine’s versatility stems from its ability to interchange and customize according to specific movement requirements.

Therefore, individuals need to deliberate not only on the type of cable machine to purchase but also on the attachments to accompany it. 


This transforms the cable machine from a mere metal contraption in the corner to a practical and efficient piece of machinery capable of effectively targeting every muscle in the body.

1. The single-hand Grip

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Why this attachment? 

This attachment is just as versatile as the cable machine itself. 


Its usefulness is simply because it is the most simple extension of the machine possible, a one handed grip.


This is why it is found whereover a cable machine is. Despite its usefulness it does have its shortcomings, being that it can only be used one hand at a time, but this can also be its greatest strength. 


This meaning that the individual can effectively isolate each side of the body effectively, assuring that your left and right sides, for example, are working the same amount.  


What does this attachment target

The usefulness and range of this attachment relies simply on the machine it is attached to and the users experience and knowledge of how to train. 


If these two things are met then there is practically no muscle in the body that can’t be trained using these grips for the left and right side. 


You can pull, push, press, rotate or do any movement with this handle effectively as long as the machine provides/

2. Wide grip bar

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Why this attachment? 

This attachment is placed on this list because not only its variety, but because of its effectiveness at training certain muscle groups. 


This attachment is most well-known and used for exercises targeted for the back, or the biceps. 


It may not be as versatile as some other attachments but it is certainly a must-have. 


This being said, the reason this attachment is so high up on this list is that it is simply the best at what it does. 


This attachment, simply put, is the best attachment for wide-grip rowing variations (an absolute MUST in every back workout) 


What does this attachment target

As mentioned above this attachemnet is simply great because it targets certain muscles the best. 


These muscles ofc are the Lats, upper and lower traps, and rhomboids. 


All of these muscles are targeted effectively by a variety of vertical horitontal rows.  

3. Tricep Rope

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Why this attachment? 

This attachment is predominantly used to target all three of the heads of the triceps (the muscles on the backside of your arm below your shoulder and above your elbow)


So, once again, similarly to the rest of the attachments on this list, it may not be the most versatile of equipment but what it can provide is well worth its specialty. 



What does this attachment target

As mentioned above this attachment is mainly used to target the triceps, which for good reason. Since it can effectively target the long, short, and medial heads of the triceps. This leading to excellent arm development. 


However, if the position and design of the movement is changed then the muscles targeted will change as well. 


Not only can this attachment help target the triceps, but adversely if instead of pushing with the arms but pulling, the individual can effectively target the long head of the bicep as well.


In addition, if it positioned above the head, in a pulling motion this attachment can be well used in what is called a face-pull. 


This will effectively target rotator cuff muscles and the posterior deltoid muscles and the upper back. 


4. Narrow Grip Row

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Why this attachment? 

Next up, the narrow grip row!


As the name implies it is useful primarily for its capability to be used in rowing exercises.


It adds versatility to any back workout and is simply a necessity to and cable machine for this reason alone.  


It serves a very similar function to that of the single-handed grip, however with the capability of using both hands in tangent. 


What does this attachment target

This attachment is incredible at targeting primarily the back muscles used in rowing motions


This being said this attachment allows the user to effectively target the lower lats , and the romboyds spectracularly. 


You would perform this by implementing a number of horizontal and vertical movements


Horizontal for the rhomboids (those chunky muscles in the middle of the back)


and Vertical for the lats (every ones favorite wing shaped muscles)



5. Easy Curl Bar

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Why this attachment? 

 Commonly refered to as the “easy bar” this bar is all but a push-over 


This attachment is best and most widely used for the training of the biceps, both the long and brachial heads


So the question being asked is why is this attachment necessary? Don’t we already have a long, barshaped attachment that can be used for the back and biceps already? 


Well, yes that is true however this bar offers a better solution to the bicep training than the normal wide-grip bar. 


This attachment provides different angles and rubber grips to hold for all the different bicep exercises you can imagine


In addition many individuals will face common wrist pain with using a completely straight bar in bicep training, this is precisely why we recommend this attachment over others. 


What does this attachment target


This attachment effectively allows the user to target the long, and brachial heads using its many comfortable grips. 


With this attachment you will be finding yourself doing a variety of bicep curls, just depends on what part of the bicep you want to grow and train. 


To train the long head (what most ppl think of the bicep, the biggest portion) use a normal bicep grip with the palms facing up. 


Place your hands anywhere along the bar that is the most comfortable in this configuration. 


To target the brachial head (what we think of as the peak of the bicep) seek to use a grip where the palms as facing away from the body, using the same motion as a curl but with the palms facing down, or away from the body. 


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